Classic game stylized 8-bit graphics have become more popular than ever.What's the secret? Firstly it is nostalgia for those who grew up in that time. Secondly a great opportunity to play the classics on their mobile.

Night runner game runner stylized 8-bit graphics and is filled with an appropriate soundtrack that will inspire in you nostalgia about the past, but the young players will join the timeless classics.

Published Sep 30, 2015
AuthorWorumba Games
Made withConstruct


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I think the bat/enemies are too hard to see against the background. I died first try and I thought it was the coin that killed me.

I had to work out how to play this. The icons had me believe it was one touch to jump, hold to jump high. Instead, it's jump and press again to double jump. Even with this, I find the default jump is too large for small gaps. A more controlled jump would help.

Since you can jump using your keyboard, I would like a keyboard shortcut to restart too please.

The music is okay at first but it's too short and becomes grating.

One futher nitpick: The game over image is supposed to be what? It looks like she's bowing as if to say "Sorry I failed you master."